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Good service well attention giving by you, i would like to tell everyone, one place for real cats eye (telugu/veduryam) @ anmol gems.thanks and happy for gems.
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  • 100 % Natural PEARL Gemstone Certified by 4C Gemstone Certified Lab (Government Approved)
  • Selected By Our Expert Gemologist Mr. Raj Praveen Mehta Trusted by Hundreds in India
  • Selected and Tested for Astrological Effects.
  • You can Contact Us directly Before Buying for any query.



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"As a customer I have experienced a totally friendly atmosphere and good concealing for gemstones remedies"...
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What Our Customer Says

Red Coral:

Red Coral stone bestows the powers of Mars on its wearer and brings him strength, stamina, confidence, good health and the ability to work hard.

In Astrology, Red Coral strengthens Mars and is therefore highly beneficial for people in occupations that are laborious and require physical activity. E.g., famous sportspeople are seen to have a very strong Mars (Mangal).

In Vedic Astrology, Mars (Mangal) planet is called 'Bhoomi-Kaarak', which means 'the patron of Land'. Therefore, Moonga gemstone benefits people who work in Land and Real Estate related sectors. Also, it increases the wearer's likeliness to own or inherit property.

Medically, Red Coral is said and believed to help keep the 'Heart' strong and cure ailments related to blood flow.

Moonga stone is said to help support the wearer recover from diseases such as Piles (Hemorrhoids), Fever, Indigestion etc along with proper medication taken.

Red Coral Quality:

The quality of Red Coral depends upon its Shape, Color and Spots.

For Astrological purpose, the Red Coral should have the least number of spots.

Red Coral is a cabochon and is hence shaped and polished as opposed to cutting and faceting. The shape of the Red Coral has only ornamental significance hence it doesn't matter for astrological purposes.

Where Should I Buy Natural Red Coral?

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or synthetic Moonga. Therefore, when buying Red Coral anywhere, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice. The seller should also have a clear refund policy and hopefully, a good presence

You can buy Red Coral at Anmol Gems where the original Moonga stone prices are reasonable and quality, the best. We value your trust above anything else and therefore, provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Red Coral gemstone is 100% natural. We provide shipping for our products worldwide. We also have a customer-friendly Return and Refund policy.

How to Wear Red Coral Gemstone?


The first choice as the metal for Red Coral should be Silver. The second choice as the astrological metal for Moonga stone should be Gold.

You can select from a good collection of Red coral rings and Red Coral bracelets designs at Anmol Gems We provide jewelry made from the finest Silver, Gold and Panchdhatu. Contact with us, Request a Call back or call us!

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Procedure for wearing Red Coral Gemstone:

Red Coral is worn in the ring finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people). Generally It should be worn on Tuesday morning before 11 A.M during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon) but it recommended that you wear it as per recommended by a expert.

Additionally, when you buy Gemstones or Jewelry with us, we also help you with the correct procedure with instructions along with your order from our expert scientific astrologer.

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