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Anmol Natural Diamond & Jewellery 


Aa a wholeseller we have wide range of Natural Diamond , One can find Natural Diamond ranging from basic Quality to world's finest to Limited Eddition Super Premium quality.

Waht We do: 

While selecting Natural Diamond we Check Micro Minerals and different inclusion in Natural Diamond Stones and select only those for our Customer which are best in its properties.

We select Diamonds stones that is not just Genuine but so Natural and that can be passed to generation to come.

Where do we source from?:

We source these different Natural Gemstones from the Worlds Most oldest mines, Like SriLanka, Thailand, African countries, medagascar, Bangkok, Australia & different American Countries.

As we are Jewellers, any gemstone that you select can be custom made into Ring and a pendent, bracelet.

We Keep Natural Diamond ranging from 1 carat to 10 carat*.

Any Gemstone can be pared up with Diamond to give it more elegent look can be made as per the customer choice or suggestion.

We Provide certificate for all our products from Authorized Government approved Lab once the Customer Select the stone.

​We also Keep IGI, GIA certified stones are also available.