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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q)What are Anmol Gemstones?

A Gemstone are those rare earth elements which are believed to have a consciousness or say life within but remains to in lifeless state until they are activated and energized by the 'Vedic Mantra'

and positive energies just like human body without soul or say cell phone without its sim, Gemstones are then converted into divya ratana( Devine Gemstone) by vedic shabdha brahma (divine cosmic energy or sound vibrations ) which works in dynamic manner for benefit of individual, Since it effects significantly the wearer of the Gemstone.

Q)How do they work?

A) Anmol Gemstones Benefits, energizes, a 'Person's Aura' his mind and feelings as a result it supports him making proper decision in his life as a result he takes correct action at right time and make things turn right for him. Also it helps him create new opportunity by healing his sick or ill affected areas of his life. It also help strengthen the particular areas of life.

Q)Which gemstones to wear? Which gemstone is right for me?

A) Generally you can wear any 'Anmol Gem' as per your preference but for a precise results it is suggested that you were as per your Lagna {Ascendant} or as per your Rashi {Moon sign} or as per your Sun Sign {Birthstone} under a expert guidance. We have also Teamed up with best Astrologers and spiritual Gurus (Guides) and Astrologers who can help you find the right gemstone for you*.

Q) What Gemstone weight, Carat, size is suitable for me?

A) As per Vedic Ratna Shastra and our as per our best practices Ideal recommended weight/size is 2-4 carats can be worn by ladies and 3-7 carats can be worn by man.

Q) Is it necessary to wear it in finger? Can it be worn in a neck as pendant ?

A) Gemstones wan be worn by any part of the body i.e Pendant, bracelet etc but it is recommended that you wear it on your finger because the gemstone stays in the right contact with median nerve of your nervous system.