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Since ages Gemstones are recommended as a most powerful tool by Astrological sciences It is believed to balance or enhance the power of planets in our lives. They are these Divine gift to us on this planet believed to be originated from earth and universal cosmic forces.

A Gemstone are those rare earth elements which are believed to have a consciousness or say life within but remains to in lifeless state until they are activated and energized by the 'Vedic Mantra' and positive energies just like human body and his soul, Gemstones are then converted into divya ratana( Devine Gemstone) by vedic shabdha brahma (divine cosmic energy or sound vibrations ) which works in dynamic manner for benefit of individual, Since it effects significantly the wearer of the Gemstone.

Anmol Gemstones Benefits, energizes, a 'Person's Aura' his mind and feelings as a result it supports him making proper decision in his life as a result he takes correct action at right time and make things turn right for him. Also it helps him create new opportunity by healing his sick or ill affected areas of his life. It also help strengthen the particular areas of life.

The significance of usage of Gemstone was also found in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical treatments.

A particular Gemstone absorbs all kind of solar, cosmic and magnetic energy, allows these type of energy to pass through it which the body then absorbs. If prescribed properly, this actually helps the individual.also restores the balance in him and improvements in all spheres of life.

Here in fact Gems act like a receiver, receiving the colors and vibrations from the planets (transmitters). That is gemstones attract and condense the astral energy waves and transform them for the use of human energy system, like a crystal used in radio receivers to transfer invisible radio waves into sound.

Gemstones are used for the support, healing and betterments of different spheres of life Career, Job, Relationship, mental setbacks, depression, financial issues, negativity, emotional strengthening, Health benefits, Spirituality and the list just continues.

Each Gemstone represent a different color frequency which have been an important part of human history right since the ancient ages. Each color frequency has its own distinct effect. Some colors frequencies encourage excitement, whereas others make a person angry and yet other colors give a person a feeling of peace and gratification.

This is also very known fact that we all do have a 'Seven Energy Centers' in our body also known as 'Chakra' each 'Chakra has a distinct role in our body and in our lives.

There are 7 colors linked to the 7 chakras (energy centers) of our body. Each color is related to an individual chakra. The weakening of an individual’s energy center denotes the deficiency of that particular color in the body. Gemstones helps to maintain balance, energize, Strengthens, heal these 7 chakras which strengthens a person's Aura, Will-power, decision making ability, thoughts etc which brings a happiness and peace in once life.

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