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Our Process

Certificate for the best Lab In India.

Completely Government Approved Lab. Checked by the top most Gemologist who are at PhD level holder in Gemology. with separate code given to each gems which is issued certificate.

The Energy Practice 

​From the best Energy Practitioner's team focused on finalizing the right gemstone that has right healing energy to be suitable with your body. It requires year's of practice, patience and discipline to do this. We are happy that we have truly carry forwarded ancient practice & knowledge that our Grand parents left for us. 

An ISO9001:2008 Company

And  Last But Not the Least... 100%

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Our Gems Selecting Team​​
Our Extencive Gemstones selecting Team works really hard to check each & every Part of the Gems, deep down at the Microscopic level to assure the quality, Nature & Characteristic of the Gemstones.

Microscopic Observation

We Don't just check if the genuinity of the Gems but we do beyond. We check the microscopic layers of each gems to check its characteristic feature. the design of layers each type of gems is different and we see if it is as per our test and knowledge.

Member of Gems & jewelry Export Import Promotion Council India.

From Direct Authentic sources & Mines

Special Dedicated team & direct Contact with the mines dealers & authentic suppliers of Gems We do it all to get the best on this planet.​

​specially selected & assorted by dedicated team.

Purification Process
Our Natural Purification Process is one of the most important aspect of our entire process. We really understand & Respect the traditional methods of doing things. This makes it a really immersive experience,before Gems is Passed on to our clients.    

State of art In house Cutting and polishing process.

​A Gemstones is known for its brilliance in cut and polish form rough gemstone rock to perfect fine looking gemstones that gives it best shape possible and polished look.